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Oct 29, 2007


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Jeffrey Sykes

Does your mother read this blog?

Ed Cone


She also reads the New York Times, whence came the vajayjay article (front page of the Style section).

And I'm guessing that even before she got her masters degree in health education she was familiar with the word "vagina" and perhaps even some synonyms for it.


Nice. I wish I had your way with words, Ed. Seriously.

Jeffrey Sykes

It's all good. I guess that's one of the differences between more traditional southern gentility and those who have no idea what it means.

Some things are just better left unsaid, even more so in polite company.

I mean, I really enjoy the intellect of this blog, but I just don't get the daily gay and the puerility.

To each his own.

Ed Cone

I understand Southern gentility quite well, thank you, and practice it with an ease and grace to which you, sir, can only aspire. But I think adults can speak as adults without reaching for the smelling salts at the mention of anatomical nomenclature.

Also, neither homophobia nor affectations of moral superiority are genteel.

And this blog does have standards. That's why I avoided the easy "Steven Pinker" joke when discussing synonyms for "vagina."

joe wilson

I just want to go on the record as saying as a native born southerner, I am far to genteel for such parlez as you gentleman obviously feel the need to engage in your day to day wordsmithing. Now by all means please continue with your spirited banter about female anatomical terms

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