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Oct 24, 2007


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Jeffrey Sykes

Thanks, Pete.

A guy I know in Rockingham County said he left his tractor sitting in the middle of a field last week so it would rain.


Thanks Pete!

I'm about to go out and take pictures of The Mommymobile and possibly wash it - that should be good for a downpour of epic proportions.


About the word 'barbecue'. Until I moved down here, if I said I wanted to have a barbecue, I mean I wanted to cook some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Up in New York, barbecuing is just cooking outside. It doesn't matter what it is that you're cooking, if it's being cooked outside on the grill it's barbecuing. I've since changed the way I speak and I know what a barbecue is. I also no longer tell people that I'm going to 'the ocean', I now say that I'm 'going to the beach'.

It rained today because my son rode his bike to school. Yesterday I thought it was going to rain so he didn't ride his bike, and it didn't rain. Today his bike got wet. That's ok, though...LET IT RAIN!!!! I am loving this rain!


"I wonder what they call hushpuppies?"


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