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Oct 02, 2007


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Can you fill in a gap in my knowledge? Does Bluegreen have an option on the property?

Ed Cone

I believe that BG does have an option to purchase, contingent on the rezoning.

John D. Young

It appears that the Guilford County Commissioners may decide this issue at their Dec. 13th meeting.

From the article today in the N&R: "Guilford commissioners' Chairman Paul Gibson said he has received more correspondence from residents about Patriot's Landing than any other in his seven years on the board. "Ninety-nine percent of what I'm hearing is, 'Don't rezone it for a golf course,' " he said.
Gibson added that it "would suit me just fine" if Bluegreen and the state government were able to work out a deal before the board hears the case."

Bluegreen's current option on the 692 acres is contingent on several factors including rezoning in both Rockingham County (now looking unlikely) and in Guilford County (beginning to look unlikely) and on some additional permits for pulling water from the Haw River. However, during this Bluegreen requested delay nothing can be taken for granted.

It could be that Bluegeen and their attorney, Henry Issacson, will see the writing on the wall and sell their option to the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Recreation.

It is very promising that Reidsville Mayor, James Festerman, said: "Tourism and eco-tourism have been identified as a major growth possibility for Rockingham County as we seek to rebuild our economy after the loss of so many textile and tobacco related jobs. The Haw River State Park holds a great deal of promise to address this goal, and we have supported its development from the very beginning."

It would be wonderful if key political leaders in Greensboro and Guilford County could also help our community better understand the many advantages of a major State Park in our backyard. There is more to economic growth than just bulldozers and new construction.

Joel Gillespie

I appreciate your voice on this issue. It's been exciting seeing the growing number of signs up around the county. I hope to have mine up by week's end. All this reminds me a bit of the old grass roots Congaree Swamp days! But when it comes to our developer-beguiled commissioners I can't trust 'em on this stuff any father then I can spit, so I will be sweating it out until the game is over.

John D. Young

Thanks Joel! The Dec. County Commissioners Meeting should actually be at 5:30 on Dec. 6th instead of Dec. 13th as I said above.

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