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Oct 29, 2007


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Tony Wilkins

It's odd to me that your headline reads, "Kern goes negative."
Had I written the piece the headline would have said, "Kern goes positive."
Just a different translation I guess.


Ed, just linked this on my site. Is it negative if it is true? I posed the question on my site... feel free to comment.


"ey seem to be everywhere: on yard signs, in magazines, in the newspapers, on the radio and on TV." -- Kern

And the internets! Don't forget the internets, Uncle Miltie!


"A “Get to Know the Candidates” town hall meeting sponsored by Portrait Homes and Zach Tran is planned for Monday October 29th at 6pm at The Palms at Westridge."

This appears to be the same meeting district 3 candidate Joe Wilson wasn't invited to either. It strikes me as highly irregular that businesses should be promoting selected candidates like this. We all know that businesses are not allowed to make campaign contributions. Does that prohibition include in-kind contributions of this sort?

Billy The Blogging Poet

Guess who else wasn't invited to that meeting. Guess who the N&R failed to mention Sunday. Guess who besides myself will suffer because they deny my candidacy? The answer: Greensboro's poor and working class.

Ed Cone

Billy, my friend, with all due respect: you announced a write-in candidacy quite late in the process. A mention in the endorsement piece would have been nice, but your expectations of instant coverage may not be realistic.

Also, your open letter to John Robinson is addressed to the wrong person. Allen Johnson edits the page that makes the endorsements.

Ryan, the donations are fact. The implication that the donors control Johnson are speculation. Do Kern's donors control him?


You can't BUY B1 on a Saturday! How can you complain?

John G

Billy! Just be glad 'ol Jeri Rowe gave ya a nice write up. That was the first I have seen of you running as a write in. I know you hinted of it in the past, but didn't know you were carrying through.
Ya got my vote buddy, it is better than a developer or a life long politician.

Greensboro Fella

I wonder if the year-end financials will show that Kern received money from the Beer and Wine Wholesellers PAC? His campaign kickoff consisted of a downtown bar giving his campaign 10% of all beer and food sales to his campaign.

Billy The Blogging Poet

I thought you and I were no longer talking to each other. Let's keep it that way.

Jim Rosenberg

Billy, you've gotten off track. You've told the truth in plainspoken detail about gangs and income inequality, and it's really colored my thinking on the issues. I've pictured a parade of cars conducting drug deals outside my window. I've imagined being afraid to cross the street or go to sleep. I've questioned the impact of wealth on the distribution of city services. That's terrific stuff. Since announcing your write-in candidacy, things have changed. The topic has pivoted to you and the tone to argumentative -- the other candidates are bad, JR is out to get you, only you can save the day. You're not going to win the Mayoral race; no write-in candidate is. But, you worked hard to get our attention and it's a shame to waste the moment. Take the spotlight off yourself, and turn it back on how poverty and geography shape opportunity in Greensboro. It's not too late to run a message campaign which guarantees election night will be a positive victory instead of a bitter personal defeat.

Billy The Blogging Poet

It's never been about me. Not then, not now. As for a bitter personal defeat-- I knew all along I could never win but I fought anyway. It's just that over they years when area bloggers trashed the N&R I stood up for the N&R only to get stabbed in the back by the N&R employee I trusted most-- one that grew up in my neighborhood and lived the same hell the rest of us lived.

As for a positive victory, after election night everything will remain the same with PACs and rich Developers continuing to rape Greensboro while the gangs continue to prey on those who can't afford to leave.


".....after election night everything will remain the same with PACs and rich Developers continuing to rape Greensboro while the gangs continue to prey on those who can't afford to leave."

Just "business as usual" Billy, as supported by many who participate on blogs like this.

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