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Oct 15, 2007


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Joel Gillespie


That is my favorite piece of land in the whole county, maybe because I live kind of out that way and am up and down Lake Brandt a lot. For 18 years I have been dreading seeing a development sign up, and kind of hoping maybe the Piedmont Land Conservancy could get enable that family to keep that land undeveloped. It would have some serious watershed issues I assume, sloping as it does toward Reedy Creek.



I guess my aging comp-u-tor wont load the image. But I am generally familiar with the property (properties?). Great location for a park. I would love to get a crack at the pond in the cow pasture.

Also great location for a development. Someday someone will have to pony up big time bucks. One way or another.

Ed Cone

A park would be nice...It's always dangerous to count other people's money, but the Richardsons may well have assets of a magnitude that would make tax mitigation in the $tens of millions worth considering at estate or sale time...

Mick, here's a link to the Google map page, hope it works for you.


Nope. I am having incraseing issues with such things. I'll just limp along until the oldster crashes (lets hope not) or until I can get a new, slick, speedster.

Billy The Blogging Poet

I have always wanted to walk around and take a look at that piece of property, perhaps pitch a tent there for a weekend but I never knew who to ask. Maybe when I'm elected Mayor of Greensboro I'll get an invitation.

The CA

How about another subdivision where they cut down all the trees and then name the place "Tall Oaks" or "Maple Forest", and give the streets names like "Woodhill", "Silver Maple", "Seven Oaks" (Used to be a thousand, but they cut them all down so people could live on Seven Oaks), Shady Lane.

More appropriate would be a subdivision called "Cow Pasture Meadows" or "West Texas Trace" with street names like "Clearcut Lane", "Burning Forest Drive", "Grinding Stump Rd", "Red Clay Road", "Parched Pavement Ct", etc...


NASCAR raceway, baby!

John D. Young

I hope someone in the Piedmont Land Conservancy, Guilford County Open Space Committee, etc. has had or shortly will have some conversations with the Richardson family about this beautiful tract.

I drove by their tranquil land often over a 12 year period. At one time, long before all the lines of sprawl traffic, the amazing, almost airborne bumps on Lake Brandt Rd. added to the enjoyment of the drive until the DOT decided to make it a regular road.

Ed Cone

"...the amazing, almost airborne bumps on Lake Brandt Rd. added to the enjoyment of the drive..."

The Quicks, we called them in high school, when we made good use of them as often as possible. They were a lot of fun. I lamented their loss until last month, when my son got his license...

That is as pretty a piece of land as exists in Guilford County.


When I was a young'n I would hunt those woods with Jim Brady. His father rented a house on the property.
Ed; when I was in high school, we called the bumps the "kiss me quicks". I tore a oil pan open going across them one night.


Ed, your highlight on the map does not encompass all of the property. Starting on the north side of Plainfield Rd. just before the first right hand bend the Richardsons own all the land up to the Duke Power right of way and all of the way down to Church St., with the power line easement as the northern boundry. Our family's 75 acre farm (which has been in the family since 1920) is surrounded on all sides by the Richardson property. Having grown up in the same house that my father grew up in, I spent my life exploring and playing in the woods, creeks, ponds, swamps and fields of the Richardson Farm. Naturally, our family would hate to see this land developed. I certainly hope that the Richardson family will make every effort to maintain the property in it's current,natural,undeveloped, state.

Ed Cone

Hard for me to map it correctly -- Google satellite images are low-res north of Plainfield. Will note in post. thnx.

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