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Oct 31, 2007


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Driving past a row of "vote for me" signs yesterday, I realized that not one of them mentioned the date of the election or a website. These are two added-value bits of info every drive-by voter should see besides the candidate's name. It also subliminally tells the voter that the candidate is going to help him get things done, not just beg for attention and votes. Like this maybe:

Vote Nov. 6
Joe Blow for Alderman

At the very least include the date for the average citizen or newcomer to the community. Because honestly, I'm just guessing at the one up there.

Calvin Williams, Jr.

I think that is so true (Ed). But I dont know if you need to put the election date, definitely the website. But, if you are going to vote you are going to get the date. The news, emails, people will speak on that and get you out to vote.

A date on the sign is kind of wasted space. Just my point of view.



I can only think of one candidates who has a website address on his yard signs, Joe Wilson: www.joewilsonforcitycouncil.com. Have I missed anybody?


Ooops. My bad. Kevin Green also has his web site address on his yard signs: www.electkevingreen.com

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