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Oct 09, 2007


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Doug H

I voted on the way to work.

Let's hear it for our democratic republic!


I voted at lunch. Not a big crowd. I was the only one there.


I voted early at the courthouse on Saturday. There wasn't a single candidate or representative in sight outside the poll. It seems like that would have been a pretty good place to encounter some voters. At least one of my at-large votes could have been won by a friendly person with a quick pitch.


I'm voting after I pick up Hooper this afternoon. He likes to push the red button. Bring up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is older he will not stray from it.


I voted last week at the old courthouse.

There has been much telephone activity to with registered voters in our household recently, along with election activity training.

Shortly I will be headed out to work various polling places for the (hopefully) drive time rush.

Ed Cone

My precinct tends to get pretty good turnout. It was empty but for me and one other guy at lunchtime, but I was told this morning saw heavier-than-normal activity.

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