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Oct 10, 2007


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Sidney C. Gray

I hope the Haw River Park will spark a similiar movement in Greensboro and Guilford County. I certainly was not successful.
From Sidney C. Gray's Position Paper in his candidacy for Greensboro City Council At Large:
2.Urban Sprawl, Individual Property Rights and Development:

The exponential population growth is the single greatest challenge that we as a community face. These population increases challenge our basic values and natural resources. The solutions that we set in motion today will be our legacy. How do we balance our right of economic gain while slowing down urban sprawl? I support the revitalization, adaptive re-use and 'infill' of existing neighborhoods. I propose that the City of Greensboro in conjunction with surrounding communities continue to support and expand the Urban Greenway in all directions by a reallocation of current budgeted tax priorities or by an additional tax for the purchase of land to be held in trust for our heirs. This could be accomplished by an existing agency such as the Piedmont Land Conservancy or another sanctioned group. This public purchase of land will slow urban sprawl thus encouraging infill development while not infringing on individual property rights.
One needs only to look at China and India to propel us towards workable solutions that we choose rather than those that will be forced upon us by the government in the future. Sidney

Ed Cone


I'm not sure your success (and the success of other candidates who did not get past the primary) can be measured only by vote totals.

You had the courage to put yourself out there in a tough race. Your ideas -- including the ones discussed in this thread -- are now part of the debate.


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