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Oct 25, 2007


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You're right of course. Kay Hagan is an outstanding woman and a good, progressive lawmaker. I have nothing against her, nothing at all.

You're also right that a primary is a primary. But if this particular primary becomes tainted by the DSCC pitting one good Democrat against another, well, that would be a primary of a different color, so to speak.

Beau D. Jackson

From the point of view of some national and local Dems? Be serious: Neal's personal life factors into their calculations whether they admit it or not.

Ok Ed........would you be a little more specific on your defination of Democrat vs Progressive. I thought they were one in the same except the Progressives were a little (well more than a little) more looney!

The CA

Why do Democrats hate gay people?


Good question CA. The answer is probably the same as why Republicans do. Perhaps you can she some light?

Ed Cone


People have ideas and principles, parties may align broadly with them but take positions based on compromise, consensus, electability, etc.

Think of the relationship between conservatives and Republicans. There are things that conservatives may value (smaller government) that the GOP does not deliver.

Similarly, there may be a liberal or progressive position in favor of, say, civil unions, the position of the Democratic party for which those progressives tend to vote may be different.


Sadly, from my perspective, the chances of an openly gay male being elected to state-wide office in North Carolina any time soon are approximately zero, so of course, some mainstream establishmentarian was going to ride to the rescue. IMHO, however, Hagan is a poor choice. She is an excellent state legislator for an area that has a very thin record in that regard, but she does not have the political skills to win a seriously contested state-wide race. It'll depend on whether Dole has the energy and acuity left (and time in her face-lift schedule) to run a serious campaign.

Joe Serra

What? Democrats don't hate and we certainly don't hate gay people. I really take great offense to that comment and it certainly doesn't get help anything by saying that.

There are differences between Progressives and Democrats, however. A progressive is, essentially and in my opinion, a democrat who is extremely far to the left but is afraid to call himself a liberal.


Joe Serra

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