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Oct 26, 2007


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The CA

Actually, terror would seem to be a more plausible explanation than global warming.


And dry conditions and high winds, plus arson by home-growns, would be a more plausible explanation than either.

Elizabeth Wheaton

Here we go again. First we had the "fake news" videos distributed to mid-market TV stations by the Dept. of Health & Human Services. Then, early in the SCHIP debate and just this week, we had HHS regional secretaries, including the southeast's Chris Downing, bombing editorial pages with identical letters (the N&R ran theirs as a "Counterpoint") spouting a host of claims that have been disproved time and time again.

Oops. Did I say that the fake news videos came first? Silly me. I'll let the rest of you debate when it all started.

Just one question: What can we do to put a stop to it?

Elizabeth Wheaton

Check out two recent "news" items from the current N&R website. The Haw River piece, attributed to "staff reports," and the postponement of a drug/gang meeting, unattributed, are taken almost verbatim from City of GSO press releases. I've asked John Robinson to at least give accurate attribution to the City but he pretty much scoffed at the suggestion.

It doesn't seem to do much good to complain about the administration's news plants when our local news outlets seem all to willing to play along.

Beau D. Jackson

I suspect you think the New York Times, LA Times, Miami Hareld, N&R, etal are just chocked with fair & balanced news! Put your tooth under your pillow and tomorrow you'll have a nice new dollar bill!

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