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Oct 14, 2007


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I'm sorry, but I find no relevance in the story of a confused dumbass. It's common knowledge that the Air Force Academy produces professional ordnance picklers. Duh.


Genes evolve, but everyone starts with a blank brain and an empty conscience. People have been learning this lesson since the first time someone challenged a Christian Roman soldier to explain the obvious dichotomy between his faith and his behavior.

If you are a r-e-a-l Christian believer, just how do you deal with the decree to not kill? After all, it doesn't say "Thou Shall Not Kill, except..."?

Joe Killian

What is actually says, in the actual language in which it was written and the cultural context in which most actual Old Testament scholars who don't come from Bob Jones University understand it, is actually much closer to "thou shalt not kill other Jews."

Most of the laws and commandments found in the Old Testament get stripped of their cultural significance when they're filtered down to into Christianity, then protestant Christianity, then American protestant Christianity, then Southern American protestant Christianity.

Last year, at the Southern Baptist Convention that was held in Greensboro, I had to point out to a Christian missionary who had taken it upon himself to teach Christianity to people who knew nothing about the religion, that the Bible does not say that Satan is the fallen angle Lucifer.

Sure it does, he said.

No -- that idea comes to most Westerners via John Milton in Paradise Lost.

No, it's in the Bible.

Okay -- show me.

Yeah...not so much.

Christianity doesn't offend me. Dumbed-down, Sunday school versions of Christianity that ignore history and culture offend me.

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