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Oct 29, 2007


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Don Moore

There's a new kid in town - H.H. GREGG or something like that - opening on Bridford soon.

As for your Circuit City issues, they are no longer in the customer service business. If you have a question, go on line. If you want to order, go on line. If it's out of stock, you win because they will give you a $24 Gift Certificate for your time.

I was looking for an item Sunday. All there sales staff were concentrated in the BIG TICKET area and the wait for customer service or sales help in the cheap section was enough for most people to walk out.

I'll buy from Circuit City On Line and pick up locally when the price is right. But you need to shop it - Wally World is becoming the leading retailer in High Definition televisions.


I am a member of the Costco Cult and spend waaaaay too much money there. I can honestly say that I've never had a customer service problem there. If I ask for assistance, I get it right away, unlike Sam's Club. I cannot stand Sam's Club. Costco, though, is great. Slightly higher quality products are offered as well. Plus, if you time it right on the weekends, you can eat your entire lunch there by making the rounds of the free samples. :-)


So, how much more did you pay at Best Buy for the helpful guy? I've shopped both, and there is no doubt that Costco wins on price. Like Kim, I've never had a service problem at Costco.



I would have thought that you would be a big fan on Costco. As you know, they are a huge socially-responsible liberal organization. And, we know that Wally World is the Evil Empire.


So now socially responsible equals liberal? Okay, if you say so.

Ed Cone

I do appreciate the fact that Costco seems to treat its employees relatively well. I wish that Wal-Mart did better on that count, but I also find reductive Wal-Mart bashing as boring as I do most pre-digested cable-newsworthy talking points.

I bought another brand for slightly more money at Best Buy, feel like I got a better TV and am satisfied with the price. There's a zen quality to the question of how much one saves on a product that a lack of service keeps you from buying -- everything? nothing?


"So now socially responsible equals liberal? Okay, if you say so."


Costco- as a corporation- donates soley to the Democratic Party. And they are one of a very few large retailers in the U.S. that have never supported the Bush administration- from the beginning.

That matters to some of us.


my comment should have been addressed to Roche101. sorry about that.


"Costco- as a corporation- donates soley to the Democratic Party." -- snow-moon

It is against the law for corporations to make donations to political parties.


I suspect you know what I meant - but to be clear:


"In many cases, the organizations themselves did not donate; rather the money came from the organization's PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals' immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates."



Costco Chief Executive Officer Jim Sinegal is very open about his politics.

To each his own.


By far the best part of Costco is where it counts -- ON THE BACK END of your purchase, not the front.

Try returning that TV you bought at Best Circuit.


Thanks, snow-moon. I get your point.

Ed Cone

You can't return something the store made it impossible to buy in the first place.

I get it, people love Costco.

That does not change the fact that Costco didn't provide my wife and me with the very minimal level of service we required on Sunday.

Best Buy, for the second time in a month, did.


I'm actually surprised you got bad (or no) service at Costco. I've really never had that problem. Of course, I have had problems, and absolutely refuse to shop at other stores due to poor, non-existent or obnoxious service, and some of those stores are stores that other people say are great. I use the three strike rule, though...3 strikes and you're out, and those stores I'm talking about struck out with me 3 times. They get no more chances. All places have their off days. Hopefully your experience at Costco was an isolated one and won't become the norm...I don't want Costco to strike out 3 times with me! So far, though, for me, they've had nothing but home runs. And I'm not even a baseball person! ;-)

A few weeks ago at Costco they were handing out incredibly tasty samples AND they had a wine tasting. I'm not kidding, I could have had my entire dinner there. Hehe.

Ed Cone

People I trust rave about Costco. This experience is unlikely to keep me from going back -- my number one disincentive is that I hate going out Wendover, and I'm not much of shopper in the first place.

Circuit City, though, is dead to me.


My Dad ran a retail store in downtown Gboro for years, and I grew up working in it, so I'm hyper-sensitive to the poor service that's so prevalent nowadays. "Thin" staffing may contribute to it, but here's where things went down the crapper, if you ask me: Sales associates are no longer on commission. 'Back in the day' we HAD to wait on customers to make money! Now, salespeople make the same amount of money whether they hustle or not. Just a thought. By the way, does anyone out there know how to count change back?

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