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Oct 30, 2007


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Suddenly I'm having flashbacks to college.

The CA

I was thinking more along the lines of a Stephen King horror story, where all the washers suddenly spring to life and start attacking people. The photo screams out for a movie trailer "What do the washers do when the laundromat is closed? Based on the novel by Stephen King...."

Danny Wright

Ah, "Maximum Overdrive". My brothers helped build the props for that and some other Stephen King movies down at Carolco in Wilmington. That is the first movie I ever saw with a reference to the Triad in it. I can't remember if it was Greensboro or Winston-Salem where one of characters mentioned that one of the tractor-trailers was heading. "Tin Cup" is the only other movie where I recall mention of Greensboro.

But one thing that freaked me out was a scene in the movie "Arlington Road", when Jeff Bridges' character finds an old college yearbook with Tim Robbins' character in a candid photo. I am almost positive the picture was taken in front of Aycock Auditorium at UNC-G.

Ed Cone

Bull Durham has some Greensboro in it.

The CA

The short story "Trucks" was much better than the awful movie adaptation "Maximum Overdrive". Same thing with "Lawnmower Man". The best comparison is King's short story "The Mangler", which is about a laundry machine that comes to life...hence, my comments.

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