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Sep 16, 2007


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Don Moore

I suspect that if they held Press Conferences, they would be asked the tough questions. And more importantly, Ben Holder would have far more material to work - nothing is more powerful that video in the right hands.


"Whatever happened to the regular news conferences the City Council planned several months ago in a quest for more glasnost at City Hall?..."

Those regular news conferences suffered the same fate as the continuation of the Blogger Meet Ups With Mitch that were suggested earlier this year.

Is anyone really surprised that none of those events actually took place as suggested?

Ed Cone

Yes, I am somewhat surprised that the press conferences didn't materialize.

Ben Holder


I asked about the press conferences and got a really stupid answer. They never planned to be open or transparent.

Sandy Carmany


For what it's worth, here's my take on it.


Ben Holder


What is your take on the Walt Jones letter?

Ben Holder

Sandy wrote at her blog: -- I remain totally committed to releasing as much information as I/the city council possibly, LEGALLY can. With that said, the danger for "saying too much" brings significant financial exposure in the form of lawsuits -- both for me personally and for city taxpayers. Thus I will continue to exercise caution and comply with the law even though I'd absolutely LOVE to tell everything I know!

Please let us know about the Walt Jones letter. There is no law preventing you from telling the public about your thoughts on the letter. People have asked in the comments section at Guarino's but you have not responded. Why not?

Ben Holder

what was the cost for the press conference training?

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