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Sep 09, 2007


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Billy The Blogging Poet

"......Skip Alston still a business partner of developer attorney Henry Isaacson?"

And is Billy Yow still the largest well drilling contractor in the county?

Therein lies the problem: The vast majority of County Commissioners and City Council members are in real estate, development, home loans and construction. They have vested interests in the bulldozing of neighborhoods and farms alike and no real interest in serving the community. None will oppose another's pet development projects for fear of loosing support for their own pet development projects.

At any other level of government this would be deemed a conflict of interest-- why not so at the local level?

John D. Young

Jordan Green in YES Weekly wrote a good article on how both of our candidates for mayor are usually very pro-development. see -- http://www.yesweekly.com/print.asp?ArticleID=2694&SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1

The real issue concerning Bluegreen's proposed development is an issue before the County Commissioners but Green's article shows the almost slam dunk nature of local politics and local development.

Maybe on this one occasion our area politicians, especially our County Commissioners, will lay aside their self interest (or usual interest) and support the future growth of the Haw River State Park and defeat the Bluegreen/Issacson's rezoning request. This is really not a vote about development vs. environmental concerns as much as it is a vote for or against the long term growth of the Haw River State Park. The State wants to plow over $30 million into land purchases over the next several years and grow the Haw River State Park. Such a rare gift should not be rejected but embraced.

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