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Sep 09, 2007


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Wow that article reads like a "behind the scenes" look at Greensboro's secret soceity.

Aside from that, interesting article.

Ed Cone

Nothing secret about it.

You might have the same reaction to a similar article about Holy Trinity, First Pres, West Market St. Methodist, et al.

Ed's Mom

One more picky comment: DFC wrote the 75th annivesary booklet, not the 50th. In 1957-58 he was in medical school in Baltimore and not thinking about TE's anniversary.


Below is a reference to a great article on Greensboro's social and political development of the time and how power was not always with those elected to office, but took place in various organizations at the time. One of the most powerful organizations of the time being First Pres. Many people who aren't from here are surprised at our rich Jewish history. I hope progress was made in representing this in our Bicentennial celebration.

Old Notables and Newcomers: The Economic and Political Elite of Greensboro, North Carolina, 1880-1920. (The Journal of Southern History, Vol. XLIII, No. 3, August 1977, by Samuel Kipp III

Ed Cone


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