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Sep 17, 2007


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John D. Young

In the important letter you noted from Lewis Ledford he said: "Bottom-line, we remain interested in acquiring the property and have the funding options in place to be able to close in a timely manner."

It appears that his letter is about as far out on the limb that the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Division of Parks and Recreation can go at this time.

My understanding is that the State now fully realizes the long range importance of this complete adjoining tract and are willing to pay the full fair market value for this tract. (The State's procedures will require an updated appraisal of the entire tract.) They are aware that the market value of the Bluegreen tract (that involves at least three different property owners) has been to a great extent defined by Bluegreen's development plans.

I understand that the Bluegreen folks are still telling the property owners that if the rezoning is blocked that the State will try to purchase their property at a reduced price. I think the State fully understands that the fair and proper treatment of the property owners, who are currently under contract to Bluegreen, is essential. They want and need much additional land along the Haw River.

Bluegreen could, if this is really one of their concerns, also help resolve any complication arising for the property owners by selling their option to purchase directly to the Division of Parks and Recreation and insure that the property owners receive their full Bluegreen value. (However, I don't think this is really a central concern for Bluegreen.)

I strongly support the property owners being able to receive their full Bluegreen offer from the State because as we know if this property is not rezoned it will be for a group of reasons beyond the norm. This is not your run of the mill rezoning decision but is instead really about supporting the Haw River State Park and preserving this beautiful tract.

Everyone should be very happy with the final outcome except for Bluegreen. But even Bluegreen could gain good will in our community by also supporting the Haw River State Park and finding another tract for a future development.

David Boyd

Don't know if anyone has brought this up, but there's a Bluegreen development near Pittsboro. Lots of info on the web about it.

I was down there today for a while. They seem to be doing pretty well. Lots are pretty expensive. $90k to about $200k from what I saw. Fairly close to the Haw River too, but not right beside it.

Ed Cone

The folks who wrote this letter are less enthralled than those at the marketing sites to which you linked, DB.

They say, "Based on its most recent housing projects, The Preserve at Jordan Lake and Chapel Ridge, BlueGreen has not proved to be an adequate environmental steward, violating state environmental regulations and conditions of permits while building both."

Anyone got info on what that's all about?

John D. Young

Problems noted with Bluegreen by the Haw River Assembly

"After months of outcry from citizens who have watched beautiful creeks in the rural forests of Chatham County turn brown from mud coming off of the Chapel Ridge construction site, we have been told that the state Division of Land Quality and Division of Water Quality have found serious violations of the sediment erosion controls and will ssue "Notice of Violations". The two creeks-- Dry Creek and Brooks Creek--that are being impacted by the project both flow to the Haw River and then to Jordan Lake, where the state is working on new rules to reduce pollution."


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