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Sep 21, 2007


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Billy The Blogging Poet

Yeah, me too.


Ditto. Congrats. It is apparent that you are consistently more fecund than me. I am appropriately chagrined.


Double ditto.

The CA

You're counting them?


Yeah, a life AND a new screen saver. Talk about letting your GEEK flag fly.

Ed Cone

CA: TypePad told me this morning that I had 10,008 posts. I will confess that I did not go back and verify the number independently, or demand a paper trail.

Eric: Desktop background, not screensaver, to be precise. It's a beautiful painting of people smoking, drinking, and playing cards, and it makes me happy.

Jim Buie

Ed, you are building something important -- an online community that enhances real community in North Carolina and in the tech/political community, not to mention in Guilford County. So please don't "get a life"! I wish there were a way your readers could compensate you for your time, because you provide real VALUE. If not compensated, I fear that you will eventually burn out on giving us all this good information for free. I have a colleague who managed to turn his daily reflections into a subscription service -- 5,000 to 10,000 people pay $24 a year for his daily email. Do the math and one can see that he has developed quite a following and a good business model from a combination of online and face-to-face services.

Ed Cone

Thanks, Jim, for the kind words.

I think I could tweak what I'm doing to create a viable business, but I've got an enjoyable full-time job -- with benefits, which come in handy when raising kids -- so I don't have the time to do it. Given the state of my industry, though, I might find the opportunity whether I want it or not...



Only 9173 to go for me.

Ed Cone

Back in the day I used to include multiple items in a single post (example), so I could have gotten to this magic number sooner...Typepad says I've had 25,384 comments, but unfortunately I was unable to import the comments from my old blog service, so that number should be considerably higher. The comment numbers are actually kind of meaningful, I guess, in that they show a level of interactivity (for which I thank you all).

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