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Sep 15, 2007


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A little CSS could fix that. After looking at the source code, I think she should select a different template. The easiest ones to use aren't always the best ones to use.


As a newcomer to GSO, I've been having a devil of a time trying to learn what the important local issues are and where the candidates stand.

I live in District 3, and my neighbors have a Hayworth sign in the yard. So I checked out her blog, hoping to learn about her positions. I was disappointed -- not by Hayworth's positions, but by the fact that they are not at all evident.

In an August 2nd post, Hayworth declares that she's "committed to" the following:

* Accountability to the Taxpayers
* Transparency and Clarity on Voting of Issues
* Regaining Greensboro Citizens Confidence
* Decision Making Based on Facts and Common Sense
* Supporting Sensible and Responsible Economic Development
* Educating our Workforce to Prepared for 21st Century Jobs

Is there any candidate for any office anywhere who is not committed (or at least would not say they are committed) to those things? This tells me nothing. I want to know what she proposes to do about it.

Hayworth's self-description in the "About Me" section -- "I am a very competitive person with a great sense of doing whatever it takes to get a job done. I have a strong work ethic and non-stop energy!" -- sounds more like someone running for sorority president than city council. Again, glittering generality, devoid of content.

As I said, I'm new in town. I have no reason to doubt that Hayworth is a person of substance with good ideas for making GSO an even better place to live. But her website doesn't give me anything to go on.

joe wilson

Blogfather ,are we take this as your letter of endorsement?

Ed Cone

It's no more of an endorsement than any of the other discussions of candidate websites (including yours, Joe) that appear on this page with some frequency.

joe wilson

Just checking , have a nice day .

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