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Sep 29, 2007


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Which cam did you buy? (am looking for one as well)


I am looking for one as well....


Seems like I"m not the only one who thinks you left out one important detail.



Ed Cone

Not sure our choice is illuminating, as it was made on price and convenience-of-format for a 16-year-old auteur -- we were looking for a model that records to a memory card, vs mini dvd, and went with a low-end Aiptek.


Both stores give me the creeps, though I agree, Best Buy is slightly less annoying.


"Best Buy wins." - No brainer of the year.

Whenever I go to CC, which is very infrequent, I always have such a bad experience. I always say I will never go back. But I always do. And the cycle repeats itself.

David Wharton

I've had the same experience at CC, too, though I hate both stores.

Also got an Aiptek a while back, and have not been happy with it. Very poor video and sound quality, erratic performance.

j. neas

I was recently shopping for a potential replacement to my mp3 player that I use to record my podcast of my radio show. I had been to Best Buy (and been helped by someone, given information, by the worker as well as the signs under the item), so thought I'd price compare at Circuit City.

I'd never gone to look at their mp3 players before, so I asked an employee to show me where they were. They took me there, then, without asking if I needed help or if I had any questions, abandoned me there. I had to walk out of the section 5 to 10 minutes later (after standing there, staring at signs with no information other than price on them) in order to track the same man down and ask him questions. I don't know a lot, but I knew enough to question the validity of his answers to my questions also.

I will not be going back to Circuit City. BTW, this is a comparison between the aforementioned Wendover CC and the BB in Burlington at University Parkway. So two separate BBs with similar, good service.

Billy The Blogging Poet

Chewie, I miss you!



I thought erotic performances always had poor video and sound quality.

John G

Clark Howard would have gone to Cost-co; Better price, and Good quality.


Does anyone remember Circuit City's "brilliant" business move of a few months ago in which they FIRED all of their experienced people because they made "too much money" (probably a whopping $7 an hour) and hired a bunch of morons for less money? No wonder they suck. I never shop there anymore, even when they have the best advertised price. Best Buy employees have always been helpful, their prices are good and their rewards program is good, too.

Ed Cone

Chewie remembered.

Fred Gregory

If it's friendly service you were looking for why didn't you stop at Ritz camera ?

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