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Sep 30, 2007


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wayne stutts

Lorraines article is extremely misleading as usual and dishonest, I might add.

Those people renting the houses will not lose a penny. She states that no one is collecting the rent and the project is in forclosure. The NEW OWNERS will be the ones evicting and that will probably takes months. in the meantime the renters will use up their deposits and probably a couple of months free rent. How in the hell are they losing?


Great minds on the same track maybe? I ranted on my take of the housing bust last night. Differs from yours, but then I do go back a few more years into the murky past than you do. :') BB

:') is "tongue in cheek" and my west coast friend uses it all the time so I thought I might give it a try on local blogs. Of course this is probably because I often rib tongue in cheek. BB

Ed Cone

Wayne, it's my understanding that these renters paid two months rent plus a security deposit up front. Also, I'm told that renters of foreclosed properties face a special kind of eviction notice called an "order of possession"; NC law changes today, giving them a total of 30 days to vacate (up from 10). Not such a great deal after all.

Being forced out of a home would be unpleasant under any circumstance. In this case, especially so.

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