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Sep 05, 2007


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John D. Young

According to information received from Rockingham County Planning the community waste water treatment facility planned for Patriot's Landing is a little more than 500' from the banks of the Haw River. So they appear to be in technical compliance. However, some in both counties that know about these sewer facilities still have concerns about such a facility anywhere near a major river corridor.

Three central concerns: 1. When the treated waste water is released and sprayed onto the golf course during wet weather the ground is already saturated and that treated water (often nitrogen rich) then tends to run off and into the Haw River. 2. When the treated waste water is released and sprayed during very cold weather the ground cannot properly absorb the treated waste water and it tends to run off into the Haw River. 3. During the initial build-out of the development Bluegreen may manage the waste water treatment system without breakdowns. However, down the road it is usually the homeowners association that must maintain and manage their community sewer treatment system. Such an important environmental task is often beyond the norm for a homeowner's association.

If Bluegreen does everything perfectly and the gated, golf course community properly handles all of the environmental concerns and growth concerns over the next 50 years, however, is not really the central issue. The primary issue is -- Does Guilford and Rockingham County want to embrace the fledgling Haw River State Park and support its expansion for the long term benefit of our counties and preservation of the Haw River? This immediately adjoining 691 acre tract is desperately needed for the proper growth of the Haw River State Park.

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