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Sep 25, 2007


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brad krantz

Typical liberal Ed... you always want Big Daddy Gubment to come to the rescue. Why do you hate free-market capitalism? Well, my friend, it looks like that free market has already taken care of the problem. No one would pay a high price for something they didn't want to go to. Ed, how much would you pay, for instance, to see the Haverford girls field hockey team?

There are approximately 4000 individuals out there who know what events will be hot and as a result cause the near-instant sellouts. They're not pajama pundits, they're pajama scalpers. What could be more fair than that?

The heck with all the whiney little girls across America who have cheap parents who don't love them; if they did they'd take out a SECOND sub-prime mortgage so their kid could see Travis Tritt or Tug McGraw or Billie Ray Virus' kid lipsink the same dreck that's on tv.

WWAYD: What Would Ayn Rand Do?

Ed Cone

I believe the children are the future, Brad.

The CA

Ed, I think it has something to do with the tickets not actually being sold in North Carolina, therefore bypassing the scalping law.

This is nothing new, some states permit this kind of reselling even within the state. Texas has ticket brokers left and right who always get the good seats first and it's perfectly legal to set up shop there to do it.

And Brad said the other day that he wouldn't pay $2500 to see the Beatles reunite if it were possible. Jeez, what a scrooge. Sadly, I must admit that my 9 year old wanted Hannah Montana tickets for her birthday in November, but the cost is too much (for now) and Krantz has convinced me that I would be contributing to a global injustice if I forked over more than the face value for the ticket, so no Hannah Montana show for her. But the WWE returns to Greensboro in December, and wrestling tickets are a lot cheaper...


two quick points/questions/clarifications:

1> nobody believes in free markets more than me, but this does not seem like a free market when the ducats are offered at a bad time, and most end-up in the scalpers hands..btw, full disclosure: a> i have traded bonds for 20+ years and think "scalpers" provide meaningful liquidity/purpose to the capital markets and the economy/main street.. also, my daughter dvrs all the shows of the artist we are discussing here, but i have only seen one episode..
2> did someone say ayn rand? -- i have read the fountainhead 15 times since first introduced at the age of 14...only book i have ever read more than twice.
instead of asking other questions, i offer this: wwhd ?
e.g. what would howard roark do? i suggest NOTHING as this would not even make his thermostat.

Lastly, if howard roark were a non-fictional character ( and we actually read/knew how he made small decisions, like toothpaste brand selections, etc. ),
do you think he would blog about the facts of his day?

Ed-- Maybe that should be my first attempt at blogging, once I finish this course on html, of course.

IF ANY of you have read this far, and are NOT registered for Converge South, I can only ask: what are you waiting for???

Thanks to all in this community that Ed's commitment has established.


brad krantz

Ok, y'all.... what's the most you've ever paid to see a concert/sporting event?.... Mine was $675 X 2 to go out to Tempe in 2003 to see Ohio State beat Miami in OT for the BCS title. Well worth it. Too bad for those who probably paid much more this past January to see OSU get its ass kicked by Florida.

Ed Cone

$90 x 2 for third-row REM at Radio City...even in 1987, not a truly large sum, but a lot for me at the time. Loved the show, married the girl.

David Wharton

$0 for front row seats and backstage passes to REM in Chapel Hill (Monster tour). Had dinner afterwards at Crook's Corner with Michael Stipe and his entourage. (A good friend was good friends with REM's lawyer.)


2 hours of camera labor for all access pass to Black Crowes concert during their 'Shake your Money Maker' heyday. Included after-show backstage debauchery, much of which WASN'T recorded. To this day I can't listen to 'She Talks to Angels' without triggering hazy flashbacks. Good times.


Why couldnt tix only be available at CVM and local ticket outlets for 24-48 hours and then go online to sell via computer access? This would eliminate out of state scalpers with 6 computers in their mom's basement from snapping up all "our" tickets.


The Grateful Dead had this problem solved 25 years ago. They announced their tour schedule, gave specific instructions over the phone and later the internet as to how, when and where to send the money and they sold the die-hard fans tickets direct. This happened months before the tickets went on sale to the general public. I always bought my tickets directly from the Grateful Dead. Always good seats. It was their way of taking care of their fan base and the U.S. Post Office. (All tickets had to be paid for with a Postal Money Order, nothing else was accepted.)

Dave Dobson

Seems to me, if this is happening, they're underpricing the tickets by a lot, and money that should be going to Ms. Montana and/or the venue is going to maternal-basement greedmongers.

Dave Ribar


Your post suggests that there might be other points of view besides the economic one--do you have a cite for that? :)

The take-away message from the post was that underpriced tickets create a nearly irresistable incentive to scalp, as lots of people will be willing to pay more than the list price. We shouldn't expect laws against scalping to be any more effective than laws against other illicit transactions.


Hannah's promoters essentially did what you suggested; tickets were made available to members of her fan club prior to the general sale last week.

David Boyd

Greedmongers, huh, DD. You going to reimburse the greedmongers when the Hannah Montana/Hillary Duff sex tape surfaces and demand for tickets from thirteen year-old girls dries up?


I bought tickets in that presale for club members at the instant they went on sale and still got lousy seats.


Agreed, but... my solution would have still insulated our local populace from the pajama clad scalpers. Ensuring local folks get first (or in some cases the second)crack at local shows doesnt seem so bad. We built and maintain the CVM afterall.

But there are other shows, games, events, etc with similar results. Is the solution I suggested that difficult to implement?

PS: The NCAA presells also.

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