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Aug 21, 2007


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With the possible exception of you, it looks like the usual suspects in the Capital Press Corpse, sweetened and soured with a little neocon free-market fundamentalism!

Thanks for the invite, but I think I'll do laundry instead.

Ed Cone

I think that's the name of my next blog: The Possible Exception. Thnx for that.

And please don't tell everyone that Zephyr's a neocon free-market fundamentalist -- it's supposed to be a secret, they'll take away her Dean campaign alumni pass if word gets out.

Otherwise, great analysis -- it really doesn't come across for a moment like sour grapes at your nemesis actually putting together a decent program.


So two people on the left of the political spectrum to used as a tool to decry how crazy the rest of the blogosphere is.

Of course, this is a badge of honor for you, right. The fact that you are so much less threatening of a figure than those of us at the more politically and progressive focused site BlueNC. Honestly, a conference that pretends to be about blogging in this state that leaves out BlueNC is clearly lying about their intention.

Ed Cone

Hang on a minute. Look at the roster. For the most part, blogging journalists and some academics. One conservative blogger, paired with me. One GOP political operative, paired with Zephyr.

No need to turn this into a pissing match. Badge of honor my ass.

If you are too allergic to JLF to attend, we'll miss you. Would I have included someone from Blue NC if it was my party? Sure, it's a really powerful and useful site.

But I don't see how you can complain about the snub after relentlessly personalizing your political differences with John Hood and the JLF. That's the path you chose, complaining about its logical outcome seems a little off-key.


My nemesis? Are you kidding? The Art Pope Puppetshow is a godsend as far as I'm concerned. Anytime I hit a slow news day, all I need to do is click on the Carolina Journal and I have enough absurd fodder for a week's worth of full-throttle blogging.

As to sour grapes, that seems like a bit of projection on your part, Ed. I think the conference is a fine opportunity for those who don't mind being associated with an organization like the John Locke Foundation. More to the point, a workshop on "How To Manipulate The Media and Public Policy On Only $300,000 A Month" really doesn't have much appeal to a grassroots guy like me. Nor does a Pope-paid-for conference filled with insiders talking to other insiders about lots of insider stuff.

I can't wait to see all press coverage, though. I'm sure we'll all be knee deep in it!



PS Is Don Beason going to be there? From all I know, he'd fit right in.

The CA

Ed, perhaps you should mention that this event is being co-sponsored by the Institute of Political Leadership, a non partisan organization that helps people become better candidates.

I was a fellow at the IOPL, and the group had an equal number of Democrats and Republicans. Among the people in my class were Tim Dunn, Tonya Williams (former general counsel to Marc Basnight), Mike Cognac (Democrat mayor of Marvin, NC), Charlotte City Council member and Democrat Mike Barnes, Chris Wilson who is active in Charlotte Democrat politics, and a host of others.

Robin Dorff is also not a rabid partisan nor is Walt DeVries. Chris Heagarty the executive director of the NC Center for Voter Education is also a former fellow from IOPL. I have known Chris for nearly 20 years, and he's always been a Democrat.

My experience with JLF is similar to my experience with the Federalist Society- they are not afraid to debate the other side and frequently participate in and sponsor events with their ideological opposites. John Hood is one of the most reasoned and fair minded debaters/analysts out there, and seems to relish the debate rather than preach only to the choir.

This function is similar to the goals of the IOPL which is to help people involved in politics of any stripe to become better at it, which is probably why IOPL got involved with it in the first place.

Ed Cone

Thanks, Sam, for the input. IOPL is credited in my post, but you've added a lot of info about it.

There's nothing wrong with a partisan event. This just doesn't happen to be one, although the crowd may skew that way given JLF's marketing muscle.

In any case, we need more conversation across party and political lines, not less.

The CA

Sorry I missed the IOPL part. Reading too fast.

The CA

Here is the IOPL link.


Thanks for the IOPL info. Looks like a decent organization, though it's hard to understand the alliance with JLF on something like this.

I guess this is where I should say: Vive la difference!

Ed Cone

Something I found while looking for something else -- a similar argument from 2003.

At least I'm consistent.

The CA

James, John Hood is one of the top political commentators/strategists/analysts in the state. He had a good presentation on the issues facing North Carolina for IOPL and was paired with another fellow who's name escapes me on the same subject from the Left. John always keeps his arguments civil. Understanding the issues facing NC from all perspectives is vital to the IOPL mission.

We also had Elaine Marshall and Mack Pearsall from the Progress Board give presentations, both are Democrats. IOPL is nothing if not fair and I highly respect the people they choose for their programs. Except Ed Cone, of course...I'll blame that on John Hood.


I really enjoyed that series of exchanges and the information contained there in. It is refreshing to see reason and true bipartisan analysis and behavior. Started my day off great. Thanks guys.

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