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Aug 28, 2007


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John G

digtriad truly sucks!


Well, it's not awful, but they aren't playing to their strengths and aren't offering anything terribly compelling in their stead.

Apparently a lot of the regular users of the old site don't like it.


I don't think I like digtriad. I've been going there for a few days now, thinking maybe I just had to get used to it, but I really think I don't like it. It was better before. They should have kept it as it was and added forums if they wanted reader commentary. And, I really don't like that fact that wfmy isn't anywhere in the name...people don't know what it is.

Fred Gregory

Ben Holder to the rescue. Hep'em out Troublemaker with some Troublevision. They don't have a clue.
digtriad triple sucks

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