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Aug 01, 2007


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Margaret Banks

Heck, I was feeling pretty good because we've gotten our election coverage planning off to a quicker-than-usual start. Like I always say, nothing like a reading a blog to bring you back down to earth!

Seriously, we are planning a lot of new things this year. You just haven't seen it yet because, well, it's Aug. 1. We're going to have a huge Web presence. And our print stuff is going to be extra, extra interesting.

I'm really excited about writing about the elections - in fact maybe a little too excited to suit my editor and my government team teammates. They are taking bets on when I throw up my hands and say, "This is too much! I can't handle it." But right now, I've got a lot of energy, and I hope that will come through in our coverage. If it doesn't, then tell me.

Ed Cone

Thanks, MB, that's encouraging.

What I'm hearing is that there is at least some demand for more, earlier; it seems to me that the perceived lack of interest may be a product of business as usual, not just a justification of it.

As I said at JR's, a bare-bones site or wiki that includes just links could go up yesterday -- and that in turn might inspire more candidates to be active online, and more people to read about it, creating a virtuous circle of coverage, interest, and involvement.

joe wilson

I think Margaret is by far the most conscientious reporter on the scene. I would just urge her to be careful to be unbiased in her coverage or come clean and openly endorse candidates. She has so far began a very responsible piece about insiders using their inter-city connections.Then she dropped the issue entirely and now appears to be helping this same group of people get out their fund raising announcements.

If Margaret wants something to write about I think she could explain how candidate who are members of City Boards and Commissions can make things happen that other candidates can not. I'd also like to see each appointed member's name linked to the council person that placed them there.You could follow the trail to understand each candidate's motivations and obligations.

Margaret Banks

Hey, Joe. I can see why it looks like I dropped the Kevin Green/Matt Brown story. On June 28, I requested six months of Matt Brown's e-mails since he wouldn't answer my questions about his association with the Green campaign. As of today, I've received only one month - June 2007. I'll write further stories if the (hopefully soon to arrive) e-mails warrant them.

On the subject of appointments, I know a few off the top of my head. Tom Phillips appointed Zack Matheny and Cyndy Hayworth to the Greensboro Zoning Commission. They are running for Phillips' seat in District 3.

Tonya Clinkscale was appointed to the Community Resource Board by Councilwoman T. Dianne Bellamy-Small, her opponent in District 1.

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