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Jul 28, 2007


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Oh please Cone.Your wishful thinking is childish and transparent. The Democrat questions from snowmen among other silliness were heavily slanted to the left , no doubt not based upon submissions but upon the CNN producer's biases.
Wise move by the top tier of GOP candidates.

The D's shunned the Fox debate. Not a good sign for them since Fox's prime time weeknight numbers trounce CNN and MSNBC.

Ed Cone

More to this than left/right politics, which do play a role. I'm more interested in the embrace (or lack thereof) of new media and voter-generated content.

Not saying for a moment that left/right politics aren't a factor for these candidates, or that there is not interplay between that stuff and success online. I'm writing a feature now on new media and campaigns, and one thing I'm thinking about is the relationship of factors exogenous to the web (e.g., anti-war sentiment in 2003) to web campaigns (e.g. Dean in '03).

I do think these guys look kind of disconnected for skipping this debate. Americans love them some YouTube.


Sorta reminds me of the (wait for it, here it comes) Clinton-on-MTV moment when then President Bush said it was "childish" or "undignified" or something. And you can see what that did for him.

cara michele

Ed, re: the feature you're writing, I'd be interested in knowing the average age of the YouTube audience and how that compares to who votes in presidential elections. And I'll be interested to see whether the use of new media by presidential campaigns will increase voting among younger people in the 2008 election.

According to this article, the average voter is a 46-year old white (non-hispanic), married, religious, homeowning mom, with kids under 18, at least some college education, a job, and an above average family income.

Does she have time for YouTube? ;)

cara michele

Oops, I read one of those wrong! Strike the "kids under 18." Just 45% of voters have kids under 18 at home. Sorry!

Ed Cone

The average voter already votes. Messaging and engagement via social nets, YouTube, etc, as well as older techs like email, should play a role in informing those folks, and in encouraging other people to reach out to them, and in driving coverage on TV and radio and newspapers. You don't need to be a web junkie for any of that to happen.

Tech that energizes people who haven't been voting, including younger people who might be more tech-friendly, could be the difference-maker.

cara michele

Hence my comment that I'll be interested to see whether new media increases voting by young people in the 2008 election. If so, the GOP candidates may well regret their decisions to avoid the YouTube debates.

Ed Cone

GOP consultant Patrick Ruffini, who worked for Giuliani earlier this year and is a veteran of Bush/Cheney '04 and the RNC, is not at all happy with the idea of candidates skipping the debate.

Britt Whitmire

...and Sean Hannity derided the youtube debate before it happened, THEN reversed course afterwards and said that it was great.

Danny Wright

Cara Michelle, I vote (since '88 -- figure my age), have kids, and unfortunately, am addicted to YouTube. What's the first step part again about admitting you have a problem? I confess that in light of the recent posts here about gang activity, I watched the 15-part YouTube feature (live coverage commencing just after the actual tragedy) on the Heysel disaster of 1985 last night -- Liverpool vs. Juventus European Cup final from Belgium and riot before the game. I have found many first-person video accounts of events as they happen. YouTube in my case provides a chance to relive some more contemporaneous history as it occurred -- for me that is an enticing value prop and places it high on my list of important websites. But I am only one person, granted.

John G

"am addicted to YouTube."
And Danny; it is an addition you can quit.
Hell, I quit cigarettes after smoking for 35 years.

Danny Wright

Ahh, yes. But when I have such fun clips to watch like this one (with the cameo of Slick Rick from the 1980s in the last half of the song), how do I EVER kick the habit, John G?


John Burns

this 36 year old father of three uses YouTube. I vote.

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