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Jul 26, 2007


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Doug H

I seem to remember a Nick Galifianakis that ran for public office a long time ago. Is that a relative??

Ed Cone

His uncle Nick Galifianakis lost the 1972 Senate race to Jesse Helms, who used the slogan "He's one of us" in his campaign.

Margaret Banks

I grew up in the same place as Zach. He's three years younger, but I was in the same class as (and had a huge crush on) his brother Greg, who is also a ruddy-faced ginger boy. My understanding is that Zach's farm is in Wilkes County, where his parents still live.

Is it me, or is North Wilkesboro getting a lot of lovin' these days in the media?

j. neas

Saw this linked elsewhere last night and loved it. Especially if you compare it to thesnooze-worthy original video with Kanye stalking around a desert scene. Obviously Kanye has a good sense of humor.

I'd also like to note that the balding gentlemen with Zach in the video is brilliant indie-folk musician Will Oldham, aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. They appeared together as characters on an episode of the brilliant (therefore, now cancelled) MTV show Wonder Showzen.

And Dizzee Rascal's album closing "U Can't Tell Me Nuffin'" from his newest album is a better song overall. I'll stop rambling now.

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