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Jul 25, 2007


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"Apple doesn't seem to have seized this market as completely as it did the music-player market the with iPod."

Yeah, I guess they haven't seized this market as completely in less than a month as they did the music-player market over the course of several years...

Ed Cone

Sorry, Apple cultists, this stuff is written for the reality-based community, not the Steve Jobs Craps Gold Club. I'm not making a marketshare comparison, but a mindshare comparison. iPod looked like a game-changer from the start, and had the functionality to make it so. iPhone looks like a nice start.


"Apple cultist" eh? Sorry Ed, calling the messenger names doesn't say anything about the accuracy of the message (as you would normally realize).

The iPod looks like a game changer in hindsight, but had plenty of critics at the start, including people who thought it lacked "too many vital features" like FM tuners and such. The iPhone isn't perfect, but it is indeed a nice start, and it's still too early to claim that it hasn't seized the market, whether you're referring to marketshare or mindshare.

Danny Wright

From less than 10 minutes ago on WSJ.com (may be a paywall, I can't tell):

"Apple Earnings Surge 73%
On Strong iPod, Mac Sales"


Ed Cone

Anthony, I may have confused your cult-status with Ged's, but there are definitely times when the label is not pejorative, merely descriptive.

I've written about my lust for an iPhone. I think it's obvious that it's a milestone in mobile communications, current and future devices will be measured against it, and it's a great piece of industrial design as well.

But Winer and TechCrunch have reasonable critiques, as did Nocera about the battery, and lots of folks about the network. None of which would draw a second glance if made about almost any other product...just Apple products.


As I write the post on my iPhone, I don't expect Ed to actually "hear" what I'm about to say since he seems to have relegated me to "fan boy" status. But I'll say it anyway. I've owned six cell phones in my time and the iPhone kicks the ass of all of them. The battery life isn't aweful, in fact it is in line with other smart phones I've seen.

The user interface is now being copied accross the board and physical buttons seem "quaint" by comparison. Lastly Apple sold 270 thousand iPhones in roughly 30 hours, more than the Razr sold it's entire first month of launch. I'd hold off declairing it a dud for a while. Just a thought... from a fan boy.


Regarding my cult-status, I'll admit to being a fan of Apple and (many of) their products, of course. And while your reference above may not have been intended as a pejorative, it certainly sounded more dismissive than descriptive.

To be sure, there are reasonable criticisms of the iPhone - it's not perfect, and it would be kind of odd to expect it to be, as a 1.0 device. However, my "second glance" didn't actually result from your original post of Winer's criticism, but rather the implication in your update that the iPhone could be judged as somehow falling short in comparison to the iPod after not even a month.

You drew a distinction between "marketshare" and "mindshare", but your most recent comment shows that Apple has indeed garnered significant mindshare with the iPhone: "it's obvious that it's a milestone in mobile communications, current and future devices will be measured against it". That's mindshare, especially when it's from a total newcomer to the industry.

It's possible the iPhone may ultimately fail to live up to expectations or hopes in the longterm (I personally doubt it). But even if that's the case, it's going to significantly change the user experience on tons of future mobile devices.


So much for iPhone sales being "disappointing" as per the Times.

Turns out Apple's last quarter was a record breaker. As of this writing the stock is up almost $10.00 today. Amazing how that "dud" of an iPhone can depress the stock price so much.

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