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Jun 10, 2007


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Margaret Banks

Nice Hamlet analogy. I was just thinking the other day about the whole action-vs-inaction thing that Tony and Hamlet share. Also, there is quite a bit of that "To be or not to be" style contemplation in Tony Soprano. Tony has soliloquies, but they're delivered to Dr. Melfi rather than directly to the audience.

Then there are the mommy issues.

One big difference: Hamlet's malaise was kicked off by an act of betrayal. We're led to believe he was "normal" until the King was murdered. Tony's panic attacks and moral indecision seems part of his birthright - genetically and socially.

Sorry to go all English major-y. Color me dorky.

Jay Ovittore

Excellent piece Ed. I have watched from episode 1 of the first season. My Uncle Mike appeared in 1 episode 2 seasons ago. I grew up around the Soprano's set in Northern NJ. I shopped at a lot of the places, ate at places and got entertained at places they shoot this series. It in a lot ways does relate to my family, as I grew up with a large Italian family in NJ and NY.

My eyes actually welled up when Bobby Bacala got hit. He was the nice guy of the crew. Whatever happens tonight, the series was great. Probably the best in my lifetime. One that kept me coming back for more every Sunday night at 9, week after week, year after year.

My guess is that Paulie will betray Tony at the end as he has made friends on both sides of the river. Having seen who has already gotten hit, his loyalty will stray. That's my guess.

There are rumors of a major motion picture follow up are in the air. I could sit through three hours in the theater for sure. I guess time will tell.


I was right.

I smell Sopranos movie.

Fred Gregory


Bada Bing. You were esatto.

The movie's opening scene is Phil's wake with Tony and Paulie among the mourners along with the FBI group. Bring on the popcorn .

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