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Jun 13, 2007


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Guilford Native

Ever wonder is Miss. Foxy is still able to recall the primary election night when Vernon Robbinson pulled in more votes than her?

After she was elected, I was hoping that her crossed-eyes would make her pick 'nay' instead of 'yea' on Mr. Bush's spending bills...but I guess my wishful thinking didn't work too well.

Percy Walker

There's certainly nothing wrong with someone from the 5th district sponsoring resolutions praising the Christmas tree industry or ASU football, but I guess you're saying (and I agree) she shouldn't be badmouthing others for similar home district boosterism. (When I initially read this post I thought you were saying that in the video she was unwittingly listing as inane bills that she herself had sponsored.)

I was bothered -- no, outraged! -- that her list of inane bills included a resolution honoring the life and contributions of Gian Carlo Menotti, the Italian composer who brought the Spoleto Festival to Charleston, SC and died earlier this year. He deserved the honor and I'm glad the Republican congressman from Charleston sponsored it and that it was passed by unanimous consent.

Jim Capo

Sensitivity watch: That's a glass eye not a crossed eye.

Here is my favorite bill that Foxx is an original co-sponsor of.

The topic is still urban legend category around town, but the work done by Canadian Sierra Club folks has started to filter down. (3rd story down).

Bob Summer

But ya gotta wonder why she doesn't sponsor a resolution to simply enforce the existing laws...you know, the ones that are intended to keep from having a mass invasion of illegal immigrants. Those laws EXIST ! Lets just let our elected officials know that we want then enforced....unless she thinks that ignoring the LAW is OK ??? or perhaps Congress doesn't have to abide by the laws since they make them???
Where is that ...resolution??

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