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Jun 14, 2007


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Fec Stench

74% of search engine users look up local information.

I'm more excited by Google Maps Local Business Center.

I miss Bill Morris. He knew how to have a good time.

Thanks for the link, but I'm having trouble with my old webhost. Sorry.


Hi Ed: Thanks for the link. You make a useful point about reader behavior. The odd thing is that where newspapers have responded to problems by thinking up new ways of making print products better or inventing new ones they have tended to work. When we decided to introduce monthly specialist magazines to our mix in the UK, it reversed our fortunes very quickly. When free newspaper readership is included, it isn't clear thjat readers are abandoning it as a medium. But it is clear that the old ways of producing one-size-fits-all newspapers aren't sustainable.

Newspapers have been very lazy and poor at caring about readers and reader behavior. Papers here in the US don't carry enough color, are too large, have too many sections, run stories at one pace (mostly too long). Readers like print if it's delivered to them conveniently, is readable and tailored to the circumstances in which they want to consume it. It doesn't have to be dumb - it does have to be interesting.

The most remarkable thing about newspaper readership is how robust it has been in the face of the internet. But that won't last if we lose our own faith in print.

Anyway, I hope you'll check out today's follow-up post...

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