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May 30, 2007


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I agree with him. The Hall of Fame should be downtown He makes a very good point about Charlotte building the NASCAR hall of fame uptown miles away from Lowes Motor Speedway. There is a reason Charlotte did that and some people in Greensboro just cant see it even though its so obvious. Not have the hall of fame next to the Coliseum isnt going to hurt the ACC tourney in Greensboro, I dont care what the coliseum folks say. Downtown should be the crown jewel of Greensboro. Downtown should be the FOCAL POINT of the city, not High Point Rd, Battleground Ave, West Wendover Ave or the airport. Has it ever dawned on people that a person from out of town visiting a downtown hall of fame my stop by one of the downtown restaurants or maybe see a play at Triad Stage or go to the International Civil Rights Museum. Better yet, that person may spend their money at a potential $150 downtown entertainment complex. If they go to a hall of fame by the coliseum they may not realize the treasures we have downtown and they might settle for going to McDonalds down the road to grab a bite to eat and then head back to their hometown. Its a no brainer to put the hall of fame downtown. When people first think of Greensboro, they shouldnt think of our coliseum or airport. Our downtown should be what first comes to mind like in Charlotte or any other urban city.

Ed Cone

Actually, Burke dodged the issue with Charlotte -- he pointed out that the NASCAR HOF is right by their convention center, which is exactly the point of putting our ACC Hall by the Coliseum. The Lowe's race track is 20 miles from downtown Charlotte.

That said, our Coliseum is only a couple of miles from our downtown.

I agree that our downtown should be a focal point, and I'd be happy to see this thing downtown -- esp. at S Elm/Lee, which creates a natural path from the Coliseum area to the rest of our urban center...

Fec Stench

Sorry guys, the Lebanese will have their Miracle Mile.

Ed Cone

"The Lebanese?"

The Koury family (North Carolinians of some distinction, last I checked) no longer own Four Seasons.

Kelly H

3rd Generation I hear, but I guess the're still "Lebanese" to the untrained eye. I'm wondering at what generation did the rest of us turn into Americans? I think my great-great-great Grandfather was Irish, but everyone else in the family after him were just good 'ol 'mericans.

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