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May 30, 2007


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Jim Langer

Real estate is so corrupt and ripe with sickening greed, I am planning to advise my progeny to not become an agent or developer, etc, along with the admonition my grandfather said he gave his own sons, never to become lawyers or politicians.

In the residential market, there's the outlandish (pardon the pun) practices of withholding listings as they are shopped to "friends". The collusion and pressures put upon appraisers.The skullduggery of shifting markets to boost bidding wars. And the tampering with boards of elected officials (sometimes, as you say, full of real estate investors and professionals themselves!) to generate, as in Mr. Green's article, slanted votes in favor of preferred clients and associates. Disgusting!

If I didn't take my grandfather's advice long ago (and now hoping to move to Randolph County), I'd throw my own hat in the ring for an office, just to show by contrast and speak truth when it's being quieted during these zoning and development "debates".

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