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May 11, 2007


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oh please record the segment and post it here!


Thanks for the love (and the time) Ed), but it looks like we're sitting on the footage 'til some more Mouse House calls are returned. In the meantime, may I offer you extensive analysis of the red-hot Dale Jr. potboiler? Not the same I know, but...

I agree with you that the more intriguing story at hand is that of the new media foodchain. While much of the nuance and blather found in local blogs isn't exactly suitable for broadcast, they offer the kind of visceral collective narative that no undercover camera sting or gauzy, soft-lit profile can replicate. And trust me, I know gauzy, soft-lit profiles.

Perhaps we can run the interviews early next week. Until I'll be re-racking the shots of you and Hoggard here in the comfort of Lenslinger Central. Back, and to the left. Back...

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