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May 29, 2007


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I have great respect for Margaret, but her question is disingenuous. RMA concluded that the copy of the report that appeared on the Internet was likely TDBS' copy. That copy surfaced months after the N&R obtained a copy -- the first known "leak" of the document.

If Margaret really wanted to put some journalism on this issue, she'd be asking the people at the N&R how they obtained the report. Dontcha think?

John Robinson

She has asked, Roch. We've given the same answer to her as to everyone who asks. She's being a good reporter and going elsewhere.


It seems as if Margaret's question has been scrubbed from TDBS's blog.


So, it's okay if Margaret figures out who the N&R source was as long as it's not the N&R who cough's it up? If Margaret determines who the N&R sourse was through this kind of inquiry, will you allow her to report it?


When pigs fly Roch.
Margaret, have you asked Cardes Brown if he was involved in the leak?
Not accusing, just asking a question.
Breathe deep John, just relax and breathe deep.


Apparently, ALL comments are now prohibited at her blog, or there's a problem with the link to comment.


Or there's something wrong with all comments on this platform right now...tried to ask the question at Shu's blog and I don't think comments are working. Perhaps he'll address it somewhere.


Sue...and others...

Margaret's comment (and Roch's reply) is back on the blog now. We installed an updated comment moderation code on TriadBlogs over the weekend and apparently there's a small bug in it that caused the comment to disappear.

We're trying to track down the source of the problem now to prevent this in the future. But as I stated in a reply on TDBS's blog, comment moderation is active on her blog, at least for the time being, so there may be some delays in your comment appearing. It will be up to TDBS, as the owner of the blog, to decide whether that feature remains active or not.

Margaret Banks

Hey - I'm open to anyone who wants to talk to me about this subject, whether it's the N&R or anyone else.

This is the first time anyone has suggested asking Cardes Brown. I'll give that a shot tomorrow. Thanks!

John G

Okay; all of my comments are gone from the site. How many posting here are in D.B.S.'s district besides myself?


John G,
Get off the "district" argument.
Do you think HondaJet officials cared where District 1 was?
Did the leaking of the RMA report only affect District 1 residents?
She is a representative of the City of Greensboro and her actions affect the entire city.

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