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May 28, 2007


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Ed -- BW has part of it right, the other missing half is that the American voter has to decide that they want more of a head of government rather than a head of state in the White House. The latter deals primarily in spin and diplomacy, the former in policy and results.

This is all several presidential cycles off, as I noted the other week:

...Recall that once upon a time Howard Dean was thought, hands down, to being leading the tech edge in politics. It got him started and sustained and spread his message, but it was ultimately useless in actually winning him votes. That is because all presidential campaigns are top-down affairs. They can be no more sustained by the grass roots than a White House can be.

And that is what presidential campaigns really are — a series of shadow executive staffs auditioning for real power. The staff that does the most convincing job of portraying a competent and reasonably in-touch operation, beginning with a believable and non-offensive CEO, gets to move into the White House for four years. Repeat.

Right now I think the Left has more true believers who really think what they do and say online influences a presidential campaign. It might matter now, in the ridiculously early stages of May 2007.

But when the also-rans are wrung out and big money starts to call the shots, all the MySpace pages and blogs in the world will not matter. More precisely, they will not matter in a positive policy-making role. Instead online campaign arms will be used, and should be used, to attack other campaigns, leak damaging info and otherwise cause trouble on the cheap. However, it is fantasy to think that any candidate will read a summary of speech he or she is about to give and think, “But what will the blogs think?” ...

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