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May 30, 2007


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100% tested beef would get 100% of my business. Assuming the company was transparent enough that I could verify it wasn't just a PR stunt.


The "free market" in action.


Is the fox watching the hen house? Is anybody watching the hen house?
I guess they're waiting for a few real cases of mad cow disease to show up first before getting all preventative in someone's face.


Some people think that it's socialist ranting, but it is precisely examples like these that fuel the claims that large corporations have broken the food system.

Astro Boy

"The Bush administration said it will fight a ruling allowing"...ALLOWING?!?! You mean they don't even want a company to voluntarily test? What's up with that?!?!


Big farms are big business and big business gives money to the GOP so they keep regulators off their backs.
Food safety in the US is becoming so degraded that someday the only alternative will be to grow it ourselves or join cooperatives. But we also share some of the responsibility for wanting the cheapest product without doing the homework about where it comes from and what our government is doing to make sure it is wholesome and free of disease.
Rather know what Paris Hilton is up to!

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