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May 16, 2007


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Did you still get an umbrella even thought you left early?

Ed Cone

Hell, yeah.

Don Moore

I attended and as a first step, thought it was a great effort. HOWEVER, the next step was left hanging. Let me throw out the first recommendation.

Part of the conference, discussion touched on telling "your story". Many felt this was essential to knowing why decisions were being made.

Ross Myers and the "Mill gang" (which I have recently joined) has been offering to public officials blogs and how to help (http://www.triadblogs.com/triadify/register.php ). Skip Alston was the big "get" as Skip now has a place where he can speak out without censorship or having to speak in sound bites. He joins other elected local officials - Sandy Carmany and Jeff Thigpen.

Being open is the best way of generating trust; plus, it's easier to remember the truth. The back-room days of committees and groups have created the distrust between cities, counties and the public - this needs to be corrected.

Blogging might not be the complete answer; but they do get read and have impact.

Ed Cone

I didn't hear the internets mentioned at all in the portion of the symposium I caught yesterday -- disappointing. It's an area in which Guilford can claim some leadership -- but some of the "leaders" seem intent on ignoring it.

Still, one can overstate the evils of committees, groups, and even back-rooms -- Putnam made the point that quiet leadership behind the scenes can be important, and the decline of leadership in this region tracks the decline of corporate/backroom leadership pretty closely. Getting transparency into groups and HQs is a better idea than just trashing them.

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