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May 25, 2007


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Don Moore

The hotel/shopping complex was the one of the better uses for the facility. I recall a News & Record article a few years back that actually had this on the coliseum "master plan" as part of the "renovation" a few years back.


yes there was a plan about seven years ago or so...It was suppose tbe be a hotel/retail complex that consisted of two hotels with a total of 300 rooms. That deal fell through. But its good to see that a PRIVATE company wants to develope this land into a hotel which would help revitalize Lee Street. Thats why I was so reserved about the city getting involved purchasing this land. apparently the majority of city council didnt see it my way and the mayor and Tom agreed with me.


A private development would be good for us tax payer types. I believe the Realtor said there had indeed been some recent interest (riiiiight). We must all be realistic..... that thing has been for sale for quite a long while even in commercial terms. Time to _____ or get off the pot in my opinion.

Of course, a hotel would be nice for all those swimmers at the new competitive pool complex. Just walk to warm ups... sweet :)

Yes, Ed it's me.

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