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May 25, 2007


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Knock yourself out, Ed - as you said last year, "We're cool." Heck, we're downright COLD now.

Fec Stench

I could host a bunch of How Not To sessions.

Ed Cone

That is actually a great idea for a workshop...

uncle miltie

Looks like you got the right guy.

Sweet Jesus, that's some shitty-ass video.

Troublevision, stand by for your Oscar.


I think we should call Loren's session: "Video That Doesn't Suck." What do you think? (He's also going to be on a panel, methinks as well as host a dinner. Very generous of him and his time.)

Fec Stench

It's such a broad area, I'd need to focus on one area I do particularly badly, like self-hosting.

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