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May 25, 2007


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I was stunned when I read her comment. What an honor it is to have a school named for you (any building that houses good work) and she has an issue over his race? How sad he'd be to hear that. How outrageous to imply that having a school named for him is either condescending or disrespectful! Al Barnett was right - these commishes make your head hurt.


In a room full of lunacy, Deena's in a class by herself...


I like the name of the new school, but honestly, I was holding out for the basic...Reedy Fork Elementary. I thought it sounded sweet and calm as well as descriptive. Oh well. At least the school my son will be attending now has a name. I hope it opens on time.


And then she abstained... what a weenie.

Reedy Fork does have some diversity. I dont know the break down but I do know there are several African-American families in there. I guess she wanted a "more diverse" school to have the honor. Again.... what a weenie.


I don't know the exact breakdown, either, but as a resident of Reedy Fork I can tell you it's a pretty well mixed community. I like that mix and I hope it continues as the community is still growing.


Deena Hayes is the school board's version of Dianne Bellamy-Small.

John G

Bubba you are so correct!
I grew up on Eckerson Road. Though I never knew the name of it. It was a dirt road and very few of the families were white.
I remember when the "Satellite Supper Club" was built there just about 1/4 mile up from our house.
All my playmates were Watlingtons. This was a very hard working and proud family of "colored" people of thier own discription.
Many of the family had a long heritage of farming.
The other family I remember fondly were the Whitley's. Another proud and hard working family: only they were white. What ever happened to being proud of who you are and what you have accomplished as opposed to what race: religion: or country of origin you adhear to?
And by the way I was living in Orlando when the shuttle blew up. I was on top of a 19 story building and was watching as it came appart. That was a wierd feeling. I remember thinking "Damn what a bad time for that to happen".
Anyway: that area has become an almost "full circle" from being nothing but "poor white trash and poor colored people" to an area of "Upper Middle Trash".

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