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Apr 15, 2007


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Joe Killian

"Sydney is 13 and loves horses in that way that certain girls love horses."

You know...it's true. Girls do seem far more taken with horses than boys. Why is that?

Russ Williams

Is this the "white bird", Ed? http://www.honoluluzoo.org/cattle_egret.htm

Ed Cone

Same or similar, Russ. Unfortunately, they flew before I got a good photo -- these are the best I could manage.

Russ Williams

Looks like. The cattle egret is an opportunist. It lets a larger animal "kick up" insects upon which it then dines.

John G

Great piece of work Ed. In all the months I spent on Vieques, I got to that side of the Island only a couple of times. We would give one of the native boys $.50 or so and they would go get a horse and let us ride all day.(Took a while to learn to ride without a saddle.)

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