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Apr 15, 2007


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Jeffrey Sykes

That boy knows how to blog!

Seriously, though, as I've tried to explain to folks in my more rural area how blogs are more than just navel gazing, sites like Binkers and Is that Legal are great examples of the pure publishing aspect of a blog's capability.

I think the word blog got a bad rap at first, and most people out there still think blog means some guy spouting off his opinion about the president or whatever other mundane topic you want to mention.

Using the technology as a quick way to publish words on the web has so many possible uses. I've got a few web design clients blogging now in the Reidsville area.

Capital Beat remains one of the best.


Good morning Ed.

Though I sort of cringe at being mentioned in the same virtual breath at JLF, I do appreciate the kind acknowledgment. If we could just find a sugar daddy to give us $300,000 per month to manufacture our opinions, just imagine the possibilities!

Oh. And you forgot to mention another great blog that's making a big contribution. Edcone.com.

Ed Cone

Like 'em or loathe 'em, the JLF sites are using the web to push NC issues across the state.

Is JLF unique in being funded by an individual or foundation, or is that the case with other NC public policy groups as well?

Joe Killian

Binker's blog is, indeed, awesome.

Intimidates other potential N&R bloggers, even.


I'll have to do some research. From what I knew a couple of years ago, most think tanks get some foundation money, but their leaders also spend a huge amount of time beating on doors for money from individuals.

There's no question that Pope Co., is unique. The component organizations aren't just funded by Popes, they're also FOUNDED by Popes. They get some minor money from a few institutional donors, but the vast majority of their dollars comes from the Pope foundation.

I don't fault Pope for what he's doing . . . hell, I'd do it too if my daddy left me with a few silver spoons in my mouth. No, I don't fault him at all, except in his borderline criminal electioneering involvement (to my knowledge).

Rather, I fault the media and public officials in North Carolina for accepting the "reports" of the JLF as though they are anything other than right-wing propaganda designed to further a political agenda.

Pope and Hood have had mostly free-rein for decades. NC Policy Watch (and Common Sense) have worked to combat their influence, but they've played too nice, in my opinion, and they've been outspent and out-marketed by a wide margin. Plus, they have to walk a line of acceptability to their donors.

Blogs, on the other hand, don't have such restrictions. Especially community-based blogs like BlueNC, where the entire annual budget is probably less than the Puppetshow spends on coffee (or kool-aid).

Ed Cone

The web should help level the playing field for less well-funded organizations of all points of view -- good arguments can now be published and linked at very little cost.

Connie Mack Jr

Binker follows up his own Sunday front-pager with an interesting blog post about the N.C. Legislative Black Caucus Foundation.*Ed

I have been waiting for weeks Ed and why you have not given a plug on minority blogging in your own community and yet not one peek out of you about Gene Banks leading the way with minority blogging. Why is that?

2 Who didn't Escape From New York 2

Sunday, April 15, 2007
Imus..Was Not Alone...

Now that the storm of the sexist and racist comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team has opened a major dialogue for all everyone to take notice. The culprit has been sentenced and dealt a punishment that has ruptured his image (hmmm) his pocketbook (just a mill or two) and his career. Don Imus, even though made comments that have been heard "around the world" by now, was not acting alone. The center piece is Imus, but two others, played a significant roles as well.

Sidney Rosenberg, known more as "Sid", also made comments that were
damaging and degrading. He too made spoke words that struck on sexism and racism such as "They look like the Toronto Raptors!"(the Toronto Raptors are an NBA pro team predominately made up of African-Americans) Sid Rosenberg appears on Imus' WFAN radio show once a week and has a history of making many derogatory comments about people, groups and races. Being that Sid is Jewish, he should well know, that this should be a manner that he, should not be engaging and should be sensitive in commenting on. In further looking at the academia side of the equation, Sid attended and dropped out of the University of Miami in 1984, enrolled into Brooklyn College and then immediately dropped out of there in 1985. The Rutgers women are on coarse studying and besides participating in high level athletics, are on direction of obtaining their degrees, without dropping out. Ahh...but let me make note, he did get his associates degree from Kingsborough Community College in 1990 and then his bachelor's degree in business from Baruch College in 1992.

Bernard McGuirk, who is the executive producer of the show, played a role as the antagonist of this topic that was aired and heard. He even went as far to make a reference in his comments to Spike Lee's movie "School Daze" of saying "jigaboo's and wannabees". But it was he, that started out with the words and sayings of "Hardcore Ho's". Mr. McGuirk is married with 2 children...hmmmm...interesting?

Neither of these men have felt the wrath that came upon Imus, but they too, should be held accountable, the same as Don Imus. So. they'll escape from this, except for being associated and go back to their daily comings and goings. Sid will be on another talk radio station, spewing out the same negativism and did I say he was Jewish? Ok... and Bernard McGuirk is still executive producer of the WFAN radio sports segment, continuing on with his right-wing rhetoric and siting at home later in the evening, having a glass of milk with his two children being a good American.

Posted by Gene Lavone at 2:11 PM

Ed Cone

Connie, please use links instead of pasting whole articles or posts in the comments, thnx. And thnx also for the pointer to the GB site.

For me to link to a blog, I need to (A) know it exists and (B) find it interesting. The minority status of the writer is not an incentive or disincentive to link.

Now that condition (A) has been met, I'll have to check in to see how we do with condition (B).

Gene Banks' blog.


"Rather, I fault the media and public officials in North Carolina for accepting the "reports" of the JLF as though they are anything other than right-wing propaganda designed to further a political agenda."

Once again, WAY too funny to even comment on.

As if.....

Ed Cone

Bubba, would it work for you if one substituted "conservative/business-friendly advocacy" for "right-wing propaganda"?

Or do you also take issue with the notion that the JLF is read as gospel by the media and public officials?



For a guy who finds my posts way to funny to comment on, you sure do comment a lot.

Just saying.


The fact that he made the statement he did about JLF and right wing propaganda is a hoot, when you consider that if you could just as easily substitute "Blue NC" and "left wing propaganda", and the statement would be accurate.

The irony is way too funny!

And Ed plays dumb......also too funny.

Ed Cone

I asked a straightfoward question, and I asked it respectfully and without any hidden agenda in hopes of steering the thread in a productive direction.

Worked like a charm.

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