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Apr 11, 2007


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I have to agree. They are playing by the rules however.


Is there a procedure whereby those signatures have to be verified?

Ed Cone

From the article: "Friday's presentation will kick off a complicated process of checking, rechecking and certifying the signatures. Only voters registered in District 1 count toward the 734 needed to hold a new election. It's unclear how soon an election could take place or how much it could cost."


The signatures are verified by the Board of Elections. It is not a complicated process, just a time-consuming one.

jonathan wagstaff

it is bellamy-small who has the power to avoid the cost, and time involved in the recall, she should listen to the peoples voice,and step down.the recall commitee simply provided a tool for the peoples voice to be heard.


"a waste of time, money, and energy"
Maybe I'm not deciphering what you meant but on the surface that appears to be an insult to the people of District 1.
The Recall Committee knew full well the time line involved and still chose to use their "time, money, and energy" to remove DBS from office.
Some think their time would have been better spent preparing support for a candidate in the next election.
They're doing that too.
Coming from a District where only 2933 out of 24,419 (12%) registered voters chose to vote I believe their involvement shows fortitude.
I applaud their efforts and hope they are successful in removing her, or replacing her in November. Either one of those results will be more likely because of the efforts now transpiring.
"a waste of time, money, and energy"
...I've chewed on that for a while and it still does not taste good.

John G

As a person living in district 1, I have always voted; though sometimes I think it is a wasted effort. This is one time I know it is not wasted. As for the cost; DBS can save the city alot of money by just steping down. She has given district 1 a bad name.(I am still waiting for my bus passes.)

Ed Cone

TW, no insult intended, just a calculation of value: the regular election is six months away; by the time the petition is certified and a special election scheduled, the seat would be filled for just a few months.

Investing in the Nov. campaign seems a better deal to me.

We may disagree on the bottom-line value of the respective strategies, but I'm not trying to insult anyone with my analysis.


What they are doing today does make a sound investment in the Nov. election in my opinion. They are keeping the topics in front of voters..who tend to have short memories.

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