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Mar 28, 2007


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"The presentation shows Dole's Senate seat marked non-competitive."

Only if she runs........

Fred Gregory

I watched Waxman's entire circus and the questioning of Ms. Doan by both sides. Rep. Tom Davis made some excellent points including that these " Brown Bag " lunches are not unpredented in Administrations of both parties. But you don't concern yourself with the other side or do you Ed ?

Star Chamber

Ed Cone

I was actually more interested in the list of targeted races, and linked to the hearings to provide context for its release.

That said, if the best you can do in defense of the flustered Ms. Doan is a vague allusion to alleged similar practices in unnamed prior administrations, then the best you can do is not very good at all, is it?


The Southern Dem reads the list as: Myrick ain't runnin' again.

Fred Gregory

Open the freaking link Edward. Ms. Doan did remarkably well for being an in an Iranian type interrogation pillory. Her spunk was admirably palpable.

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