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Mar 08, 2007


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Those school officials must be a bunch of boobs.

Joe Killian

I would love to have been suspended for saying "vagina" in high school.

I'd still be wearing the principal's..."testicles"... on a chain around my neck.


Hehe...we keep blogging about the vagina issue at the same time!

I don't get people...what is the problem with vagina? Geeesh.

David Wharton

That video was really creepy. Especially the guy with the guitar.

Eric Fink

My brother went to John Jay High School. I'm sure he'll be very proud that his alma mater is finally famous for something.

As for the guy singing the "Penis-Vulva-Anus" song, creepy doesn't begin to describe him. I'd swear he was an SNL parody.


oh man... I just watched the video. I had thought this was the freakiest, most disturbing thing ever, but now I'm not so sure...


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