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Mar 12, 2007


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Newt is probably the craziest of the bunch. I really don't think he's going to get the nomination. His nutsy-ness is fine with the Repugnicants, but his divorces/cheating may not go over so well. I also don't think Rudy (3 divorces), McCain (75 years old) or Mitt (a Mormon) stand a chance.

For my money, it'll be somebody like Mike Huckabee. On the Dem side, could be Bill Richardson.


Actually, a Newt nomination would be the best way to assure a Clinton victory without cooking the results.

McCain (75 years old and one divorce)


If both Newt and Hillary run it will be like a movie:
"Tantrums of the Gods"

The Southern Dem

Confession is good for the soul.......maybe not so good for the ballot box.

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