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Mar 27, 2007


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Danny Wright

Are they still displaying / selling the work of local artists inside the house?

Ed Cone


Syd and I got some nice beeswax candles last time we were there. The park seems to be a focus of local economic development, which I think is in keeping with Moses' dreams for the area (agriculture and crafts and natural beauty moreso than condos and golf courses).

My grandfather could remember visiting Flat Top during WWI, when the rail line stopped at Lenoir and you went the rest of the way over sketchy roads in a Model T.

Billy The Blogging Poet

I think condos and a golf course would destroy everything the park is all about and would personally boycott the park (which I love) if it were turned into just another tourist trap.

By the way, I tried to download the .pdf files at the NPS website but they opened Internet Explorer (I was in Firefox at the time) then crashed my browsers. It's as if they don't want us to see their plans.

I know, I know, conspiracy theory but the only other reason would be that NPS webdesigners are in-fact idiots so I'm trying to be nice.

Ed Cone

To be clear, nobody is suggesting condos or golf for the MoCo estate -- I mentioned them in the comment as other economic development options for the region, not for the park itself. Sorry for any confusion.

I also had trouble opening the pdf -- my summary of the options for MoCo ("keep it the same, change it some or change it a lot to reflect more about Moses and Bertha Cone and their family. Latter two would require private funding.") is derived from a letter to family members.

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