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Mar 11, 2007


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Loring Mortensen

Ed: Thanks for your comments and suggestion for increasing arts awareness via blogging, etc... I'd love to take this to the next step and further discuss...let's meet and brainstorm soon?


Loring Mortensen
Weatherspoon Art Museum

Ed Cone

Absolutely -- maybe we can get a small group together at the museum? I'd include someone from the N&R on the arts side, and on the blog/tech side, maybe reps from other arts orgs, and bloggers or potential bloggers who might be interested.

Loring Mortensen

Sounds like a great idea.
I'd like to talk to Carla K., Kat Lamp and maybe even Jeri (if he was interested)...and a few others perhaps. I'll come up with some local arts org folks I know are open to this sort of thing.
Could you maybe come up with some local (or regional) bloggers that you think may be up to the idea?
I'd also like to pull in someone from the UNCG art department maybe.
With you there, I imagine you could be the lead tech expert? Or do you suggest someone else?

Maybe after we assembly the usual suspects we can try to set a date.

Thanks for your guidance with this Ed...


Ed Cone

I'm not a tech expert, just a writer who finds this stuff easy enough for me to use it...

We might ask Sue Polinsky and or Ben Hwang to talk a little tech, and I would hope that the N&R could help there, too, but the idea is that even non-techies can do this.

One local blogger who might be very helpful is David Wharton. Anyone else interested can contact me via phone or email or leave a comment.

Ginger Bush


Now this is building community through blogging!

Way to go, Ed!

Ed Cone

Thanks. I have high hopes for this. I think it's important to start small, keep it simple, find volunteers who are interested, and not overburden staff.

Same model could be effective for other groups, including churches, schools...and could help create media/community awareness for them, too.

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